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Xpressive Mocha

XM Mens Brew Collection

Moisture you can feel!

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Handmade Body Butter

Moisture that heals..

Welcome to an Xpressive experience!

#MochaBeans Reviews

Great products! I love the Shea butter and amber white oil. I enjoy these products especially the moisturizing spray, it makes my hair have a nice shine.

Nita Lavet Cannon

Shea Butter

I like the Shea butter. It feels good on my skin.

Bernadette Barry

It Lasts!

Goes on smooth and doesnt take a lot.

Harold Porter

Highly Recommend

I’ve been using these products by Xpressive Mocha (beard butter and Vi-Vi's blend of whipped shea butter) for the past two months now and I highly recommend them, high quality products that have a wide range of use. Previously used an Honest Amish Beard Balm, but this is better because the scent is not so strong and it has natural ingredients.
“If you have facial hair, honor it” 

Kamil Uddin

I love the skin now...

I love the skin I'm in now after using the lavender body butter I purchased! After showering I put the body butter on and have never felt my skin so refreshed and soft, not to mention when I bathe at night to relax because I have difficulties sleeping and winding down at night, but the smell of the lavender in the body butter relaxes me and has been helping me get the rest I've been lacking for a long time! And with silky smooth skin! Love the body butter!!! Thank You for your fine products! Definitely would recommend your line of products! Thanks Again!!

Dawn Hush


Homemade products with quality ingredients you can pronounce.

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